1. Webcam Proctoring & Off-tab Monitoring

Xobin's online proctoring feature removes the need for manual invigilation. The webcam proctoring and off-tab monitoring systems record candidates' activity while on the test. 

You can enable proctoring and off-tab monitoring,

2. OTP Authentication

Once the recruiter sends the assessment invite to the candidate, Xobin Assessment Software generates an OTP. The candidate needs to pass the OTP Authentication to start the test.

3. Randomized Questions

Xobin's Randomized Questions feature leverages the Assessment library and creates an unique questionnaire for each candidate. The recruiter needs to pre-set the difficult levels of the assessment.

4. Consistency Checker

Xobin's consistency checker prevents candidates from faking answers in Psychometric Assessments. Internal consistency checking questions are deployed to check a candidate's consistency and truthfulness in the assessment.

For more information, check-out: Xobin: Conduct Secure Assessments

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