01. What is an Invitation ?

Whenever you invite a candidate (a job applicant) to take a test in Xobin , it is called as a candidate Invite or just an Invite.

02. How long is a successfully sent Invitation valid ?

Invites will be valid as long as your subscription with us is active. The invite will become unusable if you delete or archive the assessment. Statistically, candidates take up an assessment within 2-3 days of receiving an invite.

03. When will an Assessment Invite be used ?

Whenever you send an Invite to a candidate, the assessment invite will be considered used. Note: In case of Open Link, the link can be shared with any number of people. Only when a candidate enters his/her details will an invite be considered as used.

04. How does the Free Trial work?

The duration of the Free trial is 14 Days. You will be given access to the complete library and pre-built assessments. You have 5 Assessment Invites to try out the platform

05. What are the modes of payment you support ?

We support all Credit/Debit cards. We use Stripe as our primary payment gateway partner. We also support Paypal and Razorpay as secondary payment gateways. We also support invoice based payments (only for annual payments)