Xobin online assessment software with 1000+ pre-built tests allows users to regenerate question link.

Why is regeneration of question link is required?

Regeneration of question link prevents candidates from re-attempting the test. It also prevents the breach of assessment test content to other candidates. For instance, let us assume that you are conducting a campus recruitment drive. After taking the assessment test, the candidates from the first batch can pass on the test link to the other candidates resulting in the breaching of the test content. Hence in order to prevent this, you need to regenerate a new test link for the each respective batches. 

Here is how you can go about re-generating a new assessment link.

1. Login to your account.

2. In the assessment dashboard select the assessment that you want to send.

3. Click on ''+'' symbol next to reports button.

4. Click on 'Regenerate'. A new link gets regenerated.

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