Xobin online assessment software with 1000+ pre-built tests allows users to send assessment invitation to candidates via open links. 

So, how to invite a candidate via an open link?

1. Login to your account.

2. In the assessment dashboard select the assessment that you want to send.

3. Click on ''+'' symbol next to reports button.

4. Copy the link and send it to a candidate manually.

In what cases an open link is ideally used:

  • In case of hackathons, when the recruiter/employer does not have participant data (name and email address). The employer can host the open link in their website and participants can take the Hackathons challenges.
  • In the case of campus recruitments, when the employer is in short of time to assessment link to the candidates' email addresses, the open link can be distributed (hosted) at a common place or a website.

Note: Anybody with an open link can take the assessment. Hence it is ideal to opt-in for an UNLIMITED plan while conducting online Hackathons or campus recruitments.