Xobin online assessment platform allows you to create your own assessment by uploading your own questions.

Here is how you can go about it.

1. Login to Xobin Assessment platform dashboard, click on 'Create New Test'

2. Click on 'Custom Assessment'.

You will be taken to a page like the one below,

3. Click on 'Create Question'

4. You can select any of the following 3 types ( or could be a combination)

  • MCQ Question
  • Coding Question
  • Subjective Question

4. In case of MCQ Question, add the question with the options and mark the correct answer. If you want to upload many questions at once, you can create the questionnaire of the below format in an Excel Sheet --> convert it into CSV file and click on 'Upload CSV' and click on 'Save Question'

5. In case of Coding Question, define the problem statement, add the compilers allowed, define the test cases, add audio/video files ( if required) and click on 'Save Question'.

6. In case of subjective question, write the problem statement/question and click on 'Save Question'.

7. You can now send the assessment link to the candidate.