Xobin online talent assessment software has both tailor-made assessments for various job roles. Also you can create new assessments with questions of your choice.

Here are the two methods you can create an assessment.

Method #1: Create assessments Skill Based (using Question Library)

1. Login into https://app.xobin.com/signin 

2. Upon signing in, you will be taken to the following dashboard


3. Click on 'Create New Test', you will be asked what type of assessment you'd like to create.

4. Select 'Skill Based Assessment'. Input all the skills that you'd like to assess and name the assessment. 

5. Now you assessment gets added on your dashboard.

To know how to send assessment, check out this article!

Method #2: Create assessment test with questions of your own

1. Click on 'Create New Test'.

2. Select 'Custom Assessment' and name you assessment ( Example: Logical reasoning - Pool Drive)

3. Now you will be re-directed to the below page.

4. Click on 'Create Question'.

5. You can select any of the following 3 types ( or could be a combination)

  • MCQ Question
  • Coding Question
  • Subjective Question

6. In case of MCQ Question, add the question with the options and mark the correct answer. If you want to upload many questions at once, you can create the questionnaire of the below format in an Excel Sheet --> convert it into CSV file and click on 'Upload CSV' and click on 'Save Question'

7. In case of Coding Question, define the problem statement, add the compilers allowed, define the test cases, add audio/video files ( if required) and click on 'Save Question'.

8. In case of subjective question, write the problem statement/question and click on 'Save Question'.

9. You can now send the assessment link to the candidate

To know how to send assessment, check out this article!

Method #3: Create assessment test of your own by hand-picking questions from Xobin Assessment Library

1. As same as the first 3 steps in ( Method #2)

2. Now Click on 'Add Question'.

3. Select the questions that you want to add the assessment. Click on 'Add Selected Questions'.

4. Click on 'Save Assessment'. Now the assessment you have  created gets added to the dashboard.

You can now send the assessment to your candidates: How to send Assessment Invitation to the candidates

To know how to edit an assessment, check out this article: How to edit an assessment in Xobin Online Assessment Platform.

In case of further clarification, kindly reach out to us at contact@xobin.com