Xobin has 1000+ skill assessment tests for various job roles. You can simply browse the assessments from our assessment library or search for it and then invite the candidates to take the test.  

To use Xobin's "Pre-built Skills Assessments":

  • Click on 'Create New Test' button
  • You will be asked to select what type of assessment you'd like to create.

  • Select 'Skill Based Assessment'

  • Enter the name of your assessment.
  • Choose the Skills you need to test (Example: C#Skills, Logical Reasoning Skills). An assessment (of both Logical Reasoning Section + C# Section) gets added to your dashboard.

  • Click on the '+' symbol, add custom fields ( College Registration number, Mobile number) i.e., the candidate data that you require

  • Click on '-' after you add the custom field, enable proctoring
  • Click on Invite candidate
  • Enter the name and email address to send an assessment link to the candidate via an email

  • In case you want to send assessment invite to many candidates at one shot, convert your excel with the candidate data ( Name and email address) into CSV format.
  • Upload CSV
  • Click on Send Invitation